Holly Jolly Christmas Craft!

Holly Jolly Christmas Craft!

I made this darling sign in about 15 minutes with a cutting board from the Dollar Tree, white paint, a self adhesive silkscreen stencil, and three colors of chalk paste.
I used our Holly Jolly stencil with Holiday Red & Green and Chocolate Chalk Paste.

I painted the board with white chalk paint. Any white paint will do. I prefer a matte finish, but you can do glossy of you prefer. You can totally use the white craft paint from the Dollar Tree.
Once the paint is dry, I like to give it a quick sanding to distress it a little. Just take a sanding block and rough it up a bit, going with the grain of the board.

Next, place your stencil where you want it on the board, pressing firmly and making sure there are no air bubbles. I chose to use bits and pieces of this stencil, rather than the full design.

When using multiple colors, it is best to do it in sections. I applied the Holiday Green and then lifted the stencil off just the green part so it could dry. then I laid the stencil back down, and pressed it firmly around the reindeer.

Next I applied the Chocolate Brown Chalk Paste to the reindeer. I continued to pull the stencil up after each section, never fully removing it from the board, until all the colors and sections I wanted to use were completed. Then I removed the stencil and followed the cleaning instructions.

After that, I lined up the bigger reindeer and tree where I wanted them. I used the Chocolate Brown for the reindeer and the Holiday Green for the tree.
I like to cover the first part of the design when I am doing multiple sections. I used shiny photo paper, but you can also use the backer sheet that the stencil comes on.
TIP: Make sure the chalk paste is dry before covering.

I forgot to take a picture, but once all the chalk paste was dry, I used a sanding block to rough it up a bit and make it look more rustic. I get my sanding blocks from the Dollar Tree.

And here it is! Soooo cute!.
You could add ribbon or a string for hanging. I chose to use it on a shelf with no extras.

Supplies: Cutting board from the Dollar Tree, White paint, Paint brushes, Squeegee for chalk paste, sanding block, Holly Jolly Stencil with Holiday Red & Green and Chocolate Chalk Paste.

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