Christmas Sleigh

Christmas Sleigh

I made this with a sleigh from Target that I got in that little section at the front of the store, red and white paint, buffalo plaid ribbon, a self adhesive silkscreen stencil, and chalk paste.
I used our Holly Jolly Christmas stencil with Holiday Red & Green Chalk Paste.

First, I painted the sleigh rails with red acrylic paint. Any red paint will do.

Next, I painted the sleigh white with acrylic paint. Again, any white paint will do.

I like to use a wax on the paint to make it easier to fix mistakes. 

Simply wipe it on with a rag, wait ten minutes or so, and buff it off with a clean rag.

Now it's time to start stenciling. Peel the backing off the stencil and press it firmly on the surface, making sure there are no air bubbles.

When chalking multiple colors or when you are new and extra cautious, I like to use the chalk and peel method. To do this, I chalk one row, peel back the stencil, blow on, or use a hair dryer on no heat to dry the paste. 

Then lay the stencil back down, once again making sure there are no air bubbles.

Continue this process as you chalk the rest of your project.

Once the paste was fully dry, I took my sanding block and roughed up the paste for a rustic look. I also took some black paint and dry brushed around the edges to give it an antiqued look.

To finish it up, I added some ribbon to the top.

Supplies: Sleigh from Target, red, white, & black paint, paint brush, squeegee for chalk Paste, sanding block, Holly Jolly Christmas Stencil, and Holiday Red and Holiday Green Chalk Paste

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