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Accessory Pack

Accessory Pack

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Multi-Purpose Cloth- This is the perfect cloth to add fuzzies to your stencil. It is also perfect for drying the front of your stencil after you wash it and replace it on the backer sheet. Approx 15"x15"

Stir Sticks- These stir sticks are great for mixing pastes, using in tight spaces on your stencil, and mixing new colors. I also like to use them with a baby wipe to clean up any mistakes on my board. Includes 10 stir sticks. 

Cut Apart Squeegee- These are perfect for large or small projects. You can cut this squeegee to the perfect size. Approx 2.25"x1.5"

Stencil Cleaner- Clean the front side of your stencils with this fabulous sponge. There are no chemicals or additives so it will not harm the stencil. 
I like to cut mine into 8 little squares. Fully saturate the piece you will be using in water. Gently rub the front of the stencil with stencil cleaner  be extra careful around the edges of the screen printed area so you don’t scrub the details off. Approx 2.25"x1"x4.5" *Do not use on the back of the stencil.

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