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These Exclusive Stencils will benefit our Mom!

(Exclusive Stencils are at the bottom of the page.)

Meet Our Mom

Hi, my name is Katie. Pictured above is our mom and dad (Earl & Shari Dodge), my two sisters, Mary and Patti, my two sons John and Matthew, and me, the only blonde in the bunch. (Isn’t our mom a Betty with her gorgeous silver hair? )

We are fundraising for our mom’s cancer treatment.

For five years, our mom has been battling cancer. She was in remission once and then it came back. Mom has the opportunity to go to a clinic in Mexico for a treatment very similar to one her mother did back in the 80's when she beat cancer. We have already gotten her the tonic they want her to take until she can get there and her tumors have stopped growing, some have shrunk in size, and some are completely gone. Insurance will not cover ANY of the expenses. With all the medical costs they have already had to pay over the last five years, they just don’t have it. None of us do. 

We are fundraising any way we can.

EXCLUSIVE STENCILS: All proceeds from the Exclusive Stencils will go directly to our mom's treatment.

Not a crafter, but still want to help? You can donate to mom's gofundme and venmo below.

GOFUNDME: You can read mom's full story here.

VENMO: @save-shari-dodge

No donation is too small. Seriously, $5, $10, EVERY $1 will help us reach our goal.

Thank you to each and every one of you that took the time to read this. ❤️